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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

December 9, 2020

We are making a final push to reach Council members who will likely vote on the Minneapolis Police Department budget tomorrow. I’m asking you to please contact your Council member by Monday 10 a.m. voice your concerns about the effort to defund the MPD.

There are three ways to do this: 1) email ... 2) call/text ... 3) Post on his/her Facebook page ... see contact info at very bottom. Here's the suggested messaging:

SUBJECT LINE: Vote to Unify Us — Choose the Win-Win! 
[Start with an opening that uniquely describes who you are and why funding for MPD is of concern to you. Then, raise a few or all of the following points that will be front-and-center during Monday’s debate]
1. Political agendas and financial shell games are keeping us from consensus. The win-win is obvious: Fully fund the Mayor’s police budget, and fund new pilots through the proposed Transforming Public Safety Reserve Fund. 
2. Do not restrict Police Chief Arradondo by putting conditions on the money he needs for new cadets, Community Service Officers and $5 million additional for overtime. Give him access to the funds on Day One - let him do his job.
3. Do not support Council Member Schroeder’s alternative to funding the $5 million in police overtime with contingency money. It is a power grab - a disingenuous way to control the Chief and dangle needed funds without guaranteed approval. 
It does not happen often, but this time we can have our cake and eat it too. We can start shaping a more just public safety approach AND rebuild police protection that is essential to stopping this chaos and giving new programs a chance to succeed. Thank you.
At Constant Contact we're learning as we go, too. Here are some best practices and notes we thought might be helpful as you communicate with your customers, followers, and community.

Council Directory 

        Ward 3 – 612-673-2203 | 

        Ward 6 – 612-673-2206

        Ward 13 – 612-673-2213 |

Thanks for lighting up the phones and emails!
Stairstep Foundation | 2115 Plymouth Ave. N, 2115 Plymouth Ave. N,
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Stairstep Foundation | 2115 Plymouth Ave. N, 2115 Plymouth Ave. N,
Minneapolis, MN 55411

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