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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

62nd Church Anniversary Info

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June 26 & 27, 2021

Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church 62nd Anniversary

Saturday Friendship Festival / Juneteenth Celebration, 12-3pm

Friendship Academy of Arts School
3320 E.41st Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

  • Food
  • Prayer for Healing
  • Fellowship
  • Family Fun
Sunday, June 27th, 9:30 A.M.
Family Day Service

History Nugget:
"The Sabathanites Drum Corps was founded in 1964 as a youth organization affiliated with Sabathani Baptist Church, located at 3805 Third Avenue, in Minneapolis. Its pastor at that time, Rev. Stanley R. King, advocated for the church’s involvement in the community all week long—not just on Sundays..."

Organ Solo - Rev. Ronald Terry, 1989

Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties - COVID-19 Crisis Relief Application
Reducing the Cost Burden of Transportation
Currently accepting applications! To apply online, click here. 
The Car Repair Grant offers help to households who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and are in need of car repairs or maintenance. We provide one-time grants to households who rely on their car to continue working or to get back into the workforce.
Households who have been approved for a car repair grant will be required to get an estimate from their preferred auto repair shop and pay for the estimate. Once the estimate is approved and all required paperwork submitted, repairs can be completed and grant funds of up to $1,000 will be paid directly to the auto repair shop.
For more information about the Car Repair Program, please send us an email at or call us at 651-603-5880 and choose extension 5.
To apply online, click here

Am I Eligible?
Community Action will require you to go through an interview process, and you must meet the following requirements: 
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in Ramsey or Washington County 
  • Be working or job searching
  • Have a valid Minnesota driver’s license 
  • Provide proof of car insurance and ownership
  • Car must be less than 15-years old
  • Household income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline
  • Household has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Stairstep Foundation | 2115 Plymouth Ave. N, 2115 Plymouth Ave. N,
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Good afternoon, 
I wanted to make sure that everyone had all of the communications that I have been sending out to ensure that we are all on the same page. This information is what has been sent out (not all at once) to partners, allies, media, community, first responders, electeds, etc. This information is also public and can also be forwarded to any additional partners, churches, allies, etc.

The African American churches across the Twin Cities have launched the “21 days of Peace” which represents phase I. Each morning the executive team meets at 7:30am to discuss plans, learn and adjust. We now have teams of people led by Churches occupying “hot spot” corners across the Twin Cities. We have had over 300 people sign up to support and are determined to take back their community most of which has signed up using the Hotline phone number. There is great cooperation between the groups and the effort is growing immensely. 

An Invitation Letter has been sent and shared with Chief Arradondo as well as sent to our Fire Chiefs, Chief of EMS at HCMC and North Memorial as well. It also went to Commissioner Harrington and was sent to the Sheriff's Dept and we are anticipating a large presence from our First Responders. 

We would love to make an additional effort for this weekend in particular to have additional partners join us to activate these blocks, pick up trash, serve food, interact with families and community as well as pray with people that may be seeking prayer.



·       We built an infrastructure which has specified roles for all players from executive committee members to volunteers.

·       We have deployed teams in North Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, St. Paul and are working to put people in place in Brooklyn Park. The teams work daily Sunday through Saturday between the hours of 10:00am-10:00pm.

·       Over 300 people have signed up to volunteer. Primarily through our Hotline Number but Sign Up Genius has been added for centralization and simplicity. 

·       We have a Facebook page, Instagram page, Volunteer Hotline and Email Address all listed below for your reference. 

·       We also have met with suburban and metro-wide ally churches to seek support for specific activations. Activations include daily outreach shifts with a focus on the weekend:

o   72 hours of Peace/Allies for Peace. We need to share this solution. It is not simply an African American problem or Minneapolis problem.  This was this past weekend on Friday, June 4th - Sunday, June 6th.

o   Peace Officers for Peace. This weekend we plan to feed EMT’s, firemen, police officers, sheriff deputies, and the state patrol at different hot spots around the community. This is another layer to the cooperation that we are building daily. This will run Friday, June 11th-Sunday, June 13th with a primary focus of Saturday, June 12th between 12:00pm-9:00pm at the various locations.

Facebook Event Link: 

o    21 Days of Peace Celebration event. The final weekend celebration will be the weekend of June 19th. We will gather at the outlined hot spots to again celebrate the work and progress that has been made while actively activating the spaces for another weekend. 





North MPLS Hotline: 612-254-1228

South MPLS Hotline: 612-827-7928 

St. Paul Hotline: 651-419-1502

Prayer Sign Up:

Sign Up for North MPLS & St. Paul Shifts: 

Sign Up for South MPLS Shifts:

Calendar for North MPLS & St. Paul: 

21 Days of Peace May 28th - June 19th

Calendar for South MPLS: 

Southside 21 Days of Peace June 6th - June 27th 

Leads for North MPLS:

7 Member Executive Leadership Team

Rev. Babington-Johnson

Rev. Jerry Mcafee 

Bishop Richard D. Howell Jr.

Rev. Richard Coleman

Pastor Brian Herrod

Pastor Bruce Carpenter 

Louis King

Leads for St. Paul:

Elder Stacey Smith 

Rev. Runney Patterson 

Leads for South MPLS:

Pastor Carmen Means 612-481-0787 

Pastor Charvez Russell 612-743-6711

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Shemeka Bogan
P: 612.735.5998

Shemeka Bogan